Notice is hereby given that ASIA DEVELOPMENT (HK) LIMITED is the registered user of the above trade mark which has been registered in Hong Kong under Trade Mark No. 1644 of 1977 (“the Trade Mark”) in respect of “soil pipes, rainwater pipes, pressure pipes and fittings therefore included in Class 6; manhole covers with frames; consoles for porcelain water-basin; all being made with cast iron; galvanized iron pipes” and the sole distributor of goods bearing the said Trade Mark in Hong Kong.

It has recently come to our attention that there are goods bearing the above Trade Mark marketed and sold in Hong Kong that are not produced or marketed by our Company.

In order to protect the interest of the general public, it has been our Company’s policy to take whatever action to combat any unauthorized use of the Trade Mark, including reporting the said unauthorized use to the enforcement authorities for investigation and criminal prosecution and taking legal actions against the unauthorized users.

This is to invite the general public to report to our Company any unauthorized use of the Trade Mark and that any one who reports such unauthorized use that results in successful prosecution will be honoured.

Should there be any inquiries, please contact us at telephone no. (852) 2541 7511.